Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds Special

We offer an extensive range of blinds that can be motorised. Motorised Blinds offer advantages over traditional operating systems like chain or cord control, such as convenience and ease of use. With a click of a button you can let in the light of day, or in a few seconds you can shut your blinds to give you the privacy you need.

By motorising your blinds you are enabling opportunities to adjust blinds with minimum effort. Many of our solutions can be operated by mobile device apps. We can also program blinds to open and close on timers, light levels or your particular preference. We have hardwired, battery operated and solar powered motor options that we would be happy to consult with you about.

Sheer Elegance Blinds is a Somfy Expert for motorisation of blinds.

Somfy Remote Controls


The benefits of Somfy automated blinds include:

  1. Easy to use

Move your blind or curtain to whatever position you like using a remote, wall switch or mobile phone app. Timers and sensors can also be set up to operate your blinds and curtains automatically.

  1. Thermal Management

By opening or closing your blinds at the right time of the day you can minimise the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home throughout much of the year. Your home can be cooler in summer by reflecting the brightness of the sun but allow the sun in during winter to enjoy natural warmth and light

  1. Increase Durability

Manual operation can damage blinds and curtains through excessive force or improper use. Somfy’s smooth and controlled operation of blinds and curtains ensures both maximum functionality and increased durability of your blinds and curtains

  1. Reduce Risk

Loose cords and chains are a danger to young children and animals. With Somfy automated blinds and curtains, the cords and chains are no longer needed, providing peace of mind for you and a safer environment for your children and pets

  1. Smooth Operation

Somfy’s world leading motors are enclosed inside the tube of the blind. With use of your remote, switch or phone app you will enjoy the convenience and impress your guests with a quiet and sophisticated automated system


Following blinds can be motorised:

Roller Blinds

Sheer Elegance Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Roman Blinds

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