Pelmets are a wonderful option you can choose to finish off the look of your roller blinds and curtains. They enable you to cover up the roll, track and brackets of your window furnishing and can also minimise light entry from the top of your window.

We offer two main alternatives:

  1. Aluminium Pelmet for Roller Blinds. This is available in 4 colours: Black, Clear Anodised, Cream & Black. It is an attractive and cost effective solution particularly for roller blinds mounted on the face of your window. It can also be used as a finish for reveal fitted blinds.
  2. Bonded Pelmets for Roller Blinds and Curtains. These provide a more luxurious finish to your installation. They are hand crafted from MDF and wrapped with matching fabric to complete the look of your blinds or curtains. These are particularly useful if you have a double blind covering your window as they can have a height of upto 19cm.

Contact us so we can provide a great solution for your windows.