Sheer Elegance Blinds

Sheer Elegance blinds

Sheer Elegance Blinds integrate the advantages of roller blinds and Venetian blinds. They can both filter the sun and combine the light control of a horizontal blind. As you draw the blind upwards, the solid and transparent panels cross over, creating an amazing variation of light and dark. You can adjust your Sheer Elegance blinds to expose a view through the transparent sections, or close off the gaps to offer complete privacy. Sheer Elegance Blinds will give any room a stylish, contemporary and modern feel.

There is a wide variety of beautiful colours for you to choose from. We have direct relationships with fabric manufacturers in South Korea and the United Kingdom to allow us to maximise the variety we can offer you in Sheer Elegance Blinds.

We take advantage of 2 different Sheer Elegance system types to offer you choice in how our Sheer Elegance blinds complete your window. We are also able to motorise your blinds to give you convenience and eliminate the need for chain controls.

If you are looking for a different type of blind to complete you home then Sheer Elegance blinds are definitely worth your consideration.

Our Sheer Elegance Blinds are also referred to as Zebra Blinds, Vision Blinds and Transition Blinds.

If you would like to enquire about Sheer Elegance Blinds please contact us.